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"The 'Lab Values For Nurses' Book Will Help Any Nursing Student Whether They Are In The Program Or Preparing For The NCLEX!" - Nurse Joe
Amazon Best-Selling Author - Over 105,331 Copies Sold...
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"The 'Lab Values For Nurses' Book Will Help Any Nursing Student Whether They Are In The Program Or Preparing For The NCLEX!" - Nurse Joe
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Inside Of This FREE Book You Will Get...
  • Learn about the process of obtaining labs in the nursing work setting - pg. 1
  • Discover the tubes necessary for accurate sampling  - pg. 5
  • More detailed information on tubes such as the Yellow Top Tube, Light Blue Tube, Red Top Tube, Green Top Tube, Purple or Lavender Tube, Gray Top Tube... 
  • The correct order in which tubes should be collected - pg. 9 
  • The trick is to memorize laboratory test abbreviations so you know which test is being done and which tube to draw the blood from - pg. 11 
  • An extensive breakdown of all the laboratory tests you’ll need to know about in the nursing school as well as the NCLEX examination - pg. 16
  • Detailed content on each laboratory panel such as the basic metabolic panel and electrolytes - found on pg. 16
  • Discover the most important lab values in each panel and exactly what you need to know about them - starting on pg. 17
The core foundation of this book dives into each lab panel starting with:  
  •  Basic Metabolic Panel - pg. 16
  •  Arterial Blood Gases - pg. 37
  •  Complete Blood Count - pg. 49
  •  Coagulation Profile Testing - pg. 78
  •  Cholesterol (Lipid) Panel - pg. 86
  •  Antibody Screening - pg. 94
  •  Iron Panel - pg. 108
  •  Kidney Panel - pg. 115
  •  Liver Function Testing - pg. 117
  •  Lumbar Puncture - pg. 125
  •  Thyroid Function - pg. 128
  •  Urinalysis - pg. 136
  •  Stool Analysis - pg. 140
  •  Instantly start by identifying the name, reveal the abbreviation, and discover how it is measured for every single lab value you need to know but we don't stop there... 
  •  Next we will look at the normal range, the critical range, the indications of increased or decreased values, the factors, risks, and other information that you need to know ...and again we don't stop there!
  •  Review Case Studies from the Top 20 NCLEX Lab Values - pg. 145
  •  Easy-To-Remember Mnemonics for each Laboratory Value including the causes for high and low values. This chapter outlines the Top 20 NCLEX Lab Values and continues the conversation with mnemonics for the rest of the Lab Values - pg. 171
  •  And Much MORE!
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